Welcome to MBCC sign-up page

Our membership runs from January to January.
This corresponds with Cycling Ireland membership.

You will need both club membership and Cycling Ireland membership to be part of MBCC.

We only accept two types of Cycling Ireland Memberships:

1. Leisure License
2. Competitive License

To Sign up follow these simple steps:
1. log in sign up to Cycling Ireland - Follow Link
2. Select MBCC as your club
3. Choose your license (leisure or competitive)
4. Select club membership option
5. You will be approved ASAP

Once approved you will have access to our private WhatsApp groups where we organise all spins and activities between club members.

*Please Note* Access to the WhatsApp membership group is restricted to members that are aged 18 and over. Juvenile members should provide a parent/guardian number for access to the WhatsApp group.

We will Not accept club membership without a Cycling Ireland Membership

We have Discounted all memberships by €10 to facilitate this